P O Box 30, Simunye, Swaziland
Tel: +268 313 4792, Telefax: +268 383 8894, Mobile: 626 1685 / 602 5088
E-mail: Thea Litschka-Koen: tlitschka@rssc.co.sz
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About the area

The estate, on which Simunye Country Club is located, is the largest Swazi-owned business group, employing in the region of 6,000 people and providing control of over two-thirds of the country's sugar production. The sugar cane is cultivated on 20,000 hectares of irrigated fields, delivering close to two million tonnes of cane per season to two sugar mills which produce well over 370,000 tonnes of sugar per season. The distillery produces approximately 13 million liters of high quality potable alcohol per annum.

A visit to the sugar mill is possible, providing that prior arrangements are made. The milling season is from April to November. Before cutting the cane it is burned in the field. On a late afternoon the burn provides wonderful photographic material, as do the cane cutters who move in before the fire has burnt itself out.

The lowveld climate is generally hot to very hot and humid in summer and exceptionally mild in winter.

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